Trash to Treasure: Side Table

I found these damaged tables out for garbage and fell in love with their unique hexagon shape! I gave these a good scrub and removed the doors. Then I went to town with my sander and removed all of the damage on the top. I used a mahogany stain on the doors which darkened them… Continue reading Trash to Treasure: Side Table

I would like to go on record by saying I LOVE rompers Buuut my short legs and long torso, not so much! I found this adorable tie dye romper at WalMart. It has a very lovely lace back as well. This whole romper was waaaaaay too short in the torso, but I have a fix… Continue reading

WalMart Refash Fail

I bought this cute blue striped dress on clearance from WalMart in hopes of making it a super Refash transformation. However I ended up with a dud. Luckily this refash has a happy ending! My thought was to incorporate both the dress and top into one. I started by cutting out a tear drop shape… Continue reading WalMart Refash Fail

New Maxi Dress Refash

One of my favorite items to refash are maxi dresses! I know they were all the rage a handful of years ago but I think by adding straps to these outdated maxi dresses it gives them a fun and updated look! Love those flowers! I had this top leftover from the pile of clothes my… Continue reading New Maxi Dress Refash

Summertime Jammie Refash

I was lucky enough that neighbor Sandy gifted me these jammies! I love how cool the smooth fabric feels! First order of business was to tackle the pants. I took in the waist by 1 inch in each side. Once the waistband was fitted I took in each pant leg. Next was the top! Since… Continue reading Summertime Jammie Refash