A Poppy Refashion

I have been hanging onto this over-sized tank top for a few years now, I am embarrassed to say. Today is the day this tank gets a makeover! Love the poppy flowers on this! Remember this from my Positively 60's Refashion Part 1? Remember how I loved those lace sleeves, good thing I kept them!… Continue reading A Poppy Refashion

Positively 60s Refash Part 2

We've made it to Part 2!!! I hope you enjoyed part 1 as much as I did! Remember this before picture?!? I cut off the sleeves and used them for part 1. But what happened to the body of this shirt? Too cute to throw away! I pinned a new seam around the arm holes.… Continue reading Positively 60s Refash Part 2

Positively 60s Refash Part 1

Alright readers! I have a 2 part refash for you! I am super excited about this!!! Over the summer I found this super duper amazing 60s print shirt with bell sleeves! I must admit this pattern is overwhelming as one piece, but wait til you see what I have done with it! I removed the… Continue reading Positively 60s Refash Part 1

Frilly Unicorn Refash

Who doesn't love a good unicorn shirt?! I sure do! I was lucky enough that a friend of mine gifted me this super awesome unicorn shirt! I shortened the shoulders. After the shoulders were more fitted, I added this greyish ruffle at the neckline. A simple update for an already awesome top! Happy Refashioning!!!

Beach Glass Dye Dress

I got an email from Rit Dye with 3 new color blends for summer! I was very anxious to try 2 of the 3 colors. This color combo is called Bach Glass! I had this PERFECT white cotton dress for this project! 1 st rinse the garment in HOT water. The Beach Glass Recipe is:… Continue reading Beach Glass Dye Dress