A Dress and a Coat Duo

I was rummaging through my things to refash pile and found this amazing green dress! It looks pretty plain but it in fact has beautiful embroidery on the front which blends in with the color of the dress. Ian: the photobommer Ian had to lend a helping paw I removed the sleeves! Now you can… Continue reading A Dress and a Coat Duo

Double Blanket Refash

Neighbor Sandy had slipped a few blankets in with the clothes she donated to me, so I decided to make them a part of my refashions! You never can have too many blankets! I paired the lily blanket from Neighbor Sandy with this Dream wall tapestry I had. I laid both the blanket and the… Continue reading Double Blanket Refash

The Sweater Saga: Part 1

Neighbor Sandy gifted me these 3 identical sweaters in 3 different colors! I have always wanted to try and make a 2-tone sweater from 2 different sweaters and now here is my chance! I figured this would be a simple refashion since the black and red sweaters were identical. I cut down the back of… Continue reading The Sweater Saga: Part 1

Hooded Poncho Refash

I have been seeing ladies around town with these hooded ponchos made of sweatshirt material. I haven’t been able to find these in the stores but that won’t stop me! I was gifted this beautiful purple sweatshirt from my boyfriend’s mom’s neighbor, she’s such a gem! Among the mountain of clothes my boyfriend’s mom’s neighbor… Continue reading Hooded Poncho Refash

Open Sleeved Refash

I was so blessed to receive a few bags of clothes from my dear boyfriend’s mom’s neighbor! She saw my blog as was so kind to donate some things for my refash stash! This shirt definitely is cute in it’s self but I think I can jazz it up a bit! (Don’t mind my polar… Continue reading Open Sleeved Refash