A Touch of Gold Lace

Well hello there! I hope all of you are kicking off your summer! I have a long overdue Refash for you! I’ve been hanging onto this army green tank top with the intent to refash it, but it got put by the wayside. Today is it’s day to shine! I’ve also had this gold lace… Continue reading A Touch of Gold Lace

Early Summertime Jammies

This refash is brought to you by: Neighbor Sandy! That’s right! This is another gifted outfit! I am in love with these coral polka dot jammies! But it has been so hot here in Michigan I decided these jammies needed a face lift! I cut off the bottom on the top to make it shorter.… Continue reading Early Summertime Jammies

No Sew Tank Top

I have been wanting to tackle this no sew project for awhile now! I am in love with this Michigan Great Lakes shirt but never was a fan of how it fit! I began by removing the bottom hem. I cut off the collar and began snipping away at the neckline until I was happy.… Continue reading No Sew Tank Top

Kentucky Derby Hat 2021

We have arrived to the 147th Kentucky Derby! I am so excited to share this years hat with you! I had this old wool hat laying around. Yes, it looks too drab to be a Derby hat but stay tuned! I started by removing the brown bow and ribbon. This year I wasn’t too keen… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Hat 2021

The Sweater Saga Part: 2

Hello! There we have part 2 of the sweater saga! Today I wil show you my refashion on the lovely navy and silver sweater! I cut a slit up the front to about the bellybutton area. I pinned the flaps back and then the sweater was ready for sewing! I used a medium ball-point needle… Continue reading The Sweater Saga Part: 2