Palm Tree Shawl

I was so excited when I found this big and beautiful palm tree scarf for .50 cents! I love the yellow pom-pom edging. So, this is obviously a super cute scarf all on its own, but summer is coming soon and I'm not too fond of wearing scarfs during the summer, even if they are… Continue reading Palm Tree Shawl

Kentucky Derby Hat 2019

By now you know that my favorite time of the year is Kentucky Derby time! Probably my favorite thing to make is hats! I started with this plain white little girls sun hat. Purple was the color I wanted to go with this year. I tried Tulip Color Shot fabric spray. Let me tell you,… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Hat 2019

Cardinal Refashion

It has been said that if you see a Cardinal it is a sign that a loved one who has passed has come to watch over you. I never really thought much of this old tale because I have always seen Cardinals around just like you see a Robin or Sparrow. This all changed when… Continue reading Cardinal Refashion

A Quick Little Dye Job

As March comes to a close I had just enough time to squeeze in this refash! When I was out on a thrifting hunt for winter clothes I found myself a Harry Potter T-Shirt. I would like to disclose that I am a very avid Harry Potter fan, but I actually have never owned any… Continue reading A Quick Little Dye Job

Pajamas into Pockets and a Scarf

For today's refashion I took an old pair of pajama pants and made a scarf. But that is not all! I also used some the the pajama material to make pockets for a plain sweater I had recently thrifted!Here it is! A very plain grey cardigan. Annnd here they are, the old pajama pants. I… Continue reading Pajamas into Pockets and a Scarf