New Maxi Dress Refash

One of my favorite items to refash are maxi dresses! I know they were all the rage a handful of years ago but I think by adding straps to these outdated maxi dresses it gives them a fun and updated look! Love those flowers! I had this top leftover from the pile of clothes my… Continue reading New Maxi Dress Refash

Summertime Jammie Refash

I was lucky enough that neighbor Sandy gifted me these jammies! I love how cool the smooth fabric feels! First order of business was to tackle the pants. I took in the waist by 1 inch in each side. Once the waistband was fitted I took in each pant leg. Next was the top! Since… Continue reading Summertime Jammie Refash

Vintage Sears Refash

I have to tell you this is my favorite refash right now! I am so proud of how it turned out! Might be in need of some reshaping! I know matchy-matchy isn’t exactly ‘in’ right now but I looooooove this look! Vintage Sears! For the skirt I chopped off 6+ inches off the bottom and… Continue reading Vintage Sears Refash

A Touch of Gold Lace

Well hello there! I hope all of you are kicking off your summer! I have a long overdue Refash for you! I’ve been hanging onto this army green tank top with the intent to refash it, but it got put by the wayside. Today is it’s day to shine! I’ve also had this gold lace… Continue reading A Touch of Gold Lace

Early Summertime Jammies

This refash is brought to you by: Neighbor Sandy! That’s right! This is another gifted outfit! I am in love with these coral polka dot jammies! But it has been so hot here in Michigan I decided these jammies needed a face lift! I cut off the bottom on the top to make it shorter.… Continue reading Early Summertime Jammies