Strapless Problems?

Does anyone else have problems wearing strapless dresses? I always find the cutest strapless dresses but I hate wearing them because they are always slipping down on me. Well, I have the perfect solution! Grab yourself a tank top of any kind! I happened to love this lace one! First I put the lace tank… Continue reading Strapless Problems?

Bunched Up Purple Refash

Wow where has the month of May gone to?! I was lucky enough to squeeze this refash in! Hope you enjoy! Once again I found myself rumaging through the clothes my mom gifted me and found this top! I LOVE plain white tops, there are so many possibilities! I used Rit's liquid dye in Hycainth.… Continue reading Bunched Up Purple Refash

50s Cocktail Dress

Since we are still not able to go out to the theatre, the hubby and I had planned on watching Andrew Lloyd Weber's production of The Phantom of the Opera, which was available on Youtube! Even though we couldn't go out, we still dressed up! I started with this strapless dress, I loved the fullness… Continue reading 50s Cocktail Dress

Pirate Love Refashion

Here is another refash from the mountain of clothes my mom gave me! The black and white striped tank was hers and the pirate tank was mine! I have been waiting for some inspiration to refash my pirate tank! This is going to be good! This tank top was a little too big on me… Continue reading Pirate Love Refashion

A Pop of Pink Refash

I hope everyone's still staying safe, healthy and busy! One of the first tasks I did while staying home and staying safe was cleaning out my closet. Well, my mom had the same idea which meant all her old clothes came over to me (So much for that extra space in my closet). I was… Continue reading A Pop of Pink Refash