Fantastic Floral Refash

Hi readers! It's been awhile! I have really missed posting but February has been a difficult month for me. I have been under the weather for what seems like most of the month. Hopefully this will be the last of being sick for a good long while. In between being healthy and sick I managed… Continue reading Fantastic Floral Refash

Pajama Pants Refash Part: 2

Hi Readers! I know you have been in suspense since my last post! Since you have waited so patiently here is the 2nd part of the pajama pants refash 🙂 It may be hard to see in this picture but these are wildlife themed jammies! They were so cute I just couldn't "bear" LOL to… Continue reading Pajama Pants Refash Part: 2

Pajama Pants Refash Part: 1

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile since my last post but I hope everyone has been enjoying 2018 so far! I have started 2018 by cleaning house. I have been busy mending previous projects and mending things for family, friends and co-workers. So, I have been busy with the less fun or creative side of… Continue reading Pajama Pants Refash Part: 1

B&W New Years Eve Dress

Happy 2018 readers! This makes me super excited to start year 3 of TheRefashStash! I am really into this velvet theme right now! I think it is such a beautiful fabric for winter formal wear. I had this dress in my stash for awhile now, but it's not like I could wear it when our… Continue reading B&W New Years Eve Dress

Divided Beach Bag with Chap-stick Koozie

Hi readers! This is crazy to say but this will be my last post of 2017! Wow! Last year during Refashion Runway Season 4 I had made a divider bag to use at the beach. My mom had loved my bag so much she kept asking me to make one for her. This year I… Continue reading Divided Beach Bag with Chap-stick Koozie