Scarf to Kimono

I have noticed that gauzy shawls or kimonos are very popular this year, but I can't seem to find any in the stores that I really like. So, of course the better idea would be to make one! I was excited when my mom gave me this flamingo scarf (my mom knows how much I… Continue reading Scarf to Kimono

Yet Another Star Wars Refash

If you haven't figured it out by now....I am a HUGE Star Wars fan! I can't have enough Star Wars clothing! In honor of May the 4th Be With You I have a Star Wars Refashion for you! Edit: Due to technical difficulties this post was not posted in time for May the 4th. (Sorry)… Continue reading Yet Another Star Wars Refash

2018 Kentucky Derby Refash

First of all I must apologize. I do not have a before picture for you today. I have been trying to take all my before pictures when I get new thrift store finds, but somehow I overlooked this one. Oops! Well, my dear readers, here we are, another Kentucky Derby. I look forward to this… Continue reading 2018 Kentucky Derby Refash

Sewing Themed Fleece Sweater

My sewing room is in the basement of my house. Which means all year 'round it's FREEZING! Brrrr! By the time I get myself down to my sewing room I forget a sweater! To solve this problem I decided to make myself a sewing sweater. Something that I can keep at my sewing center and… Continue reading Sewing Themed Fleece Sweater

Toooh-Tally Tubular 80’s Refashion

Hey there readers! Today we are going back in time to the toooh-tally tubular 80s! This dress is totally ugly to the max! This poor dress is in dire need of some updating! I used a dress that I really liked the length to use as a guide on where to hem my new dress.… Continue reading Toooh-Tally Tubular 80’s Refashion