2 Dresses into 1 Dress

I have really been into refashioning dresses! I love finding 2 separate dresses and putting them together as one! Here is the 1st little number! Cute, Cute, Cute! And then here is # 2....not so cute, cute, cute. More like frump, frump, frump! I can't tell you how much I fell in love with the… Continue reading 2 Dresses into 1 Dress

Spool of Tulle Tutu Part 2

Yay! Here is part 2!! I know Halloween is over but it took me a while to finish this tutu. It took me 3 runs to the craft store for black tulle! Anyway. Here is my Halloween themed tutu! 1 st I set up my Brother Scan N Cut and printed out a Happy Halloween… Continue reading Spool of Tulle Tutu Part 2

Spool of Tulle Tutu Part 1

I know that Halloween has already passed but I do have a 2 part Halloween refash for you. In this 2 part post I have made 2 Tutus made from spools of tulle. These are super easy (but time consuming) ways to make a tutu. This began by needing a work appropriate Halloween costume. As… Continue reading Spool of Tulle Tutu Part 1

Joining 2 Dresses Together

I have been really inspired by mixing 2 different dresses together to make 1 new dress. So that is what I have for you today! Let me begin by saying that I LOVE this dress for it's pattern! However I DO NOT like that I look like a sausage stuffed into it's casing. This needs… Continue reading Joining 2 Dresses Together

Halloween 2018

It has arrived! The most fun day for a refashioner, Halloween!!! This year I have decided to be a sassy witch! I purchased this witch dress from the Halloween store and as you can see it does not have a very sassy fit. It just hangs on me. Thank goodness I will use this as… Continue reading Halloween 2018