Off the Shoulder Shirt

This refash was done for Labor Day weekend. The holiday all boaters dislike because it signals the end of the summer season. As always I wanted to see summer off with a bang! I started with this tropical shirt.... Totally cool, right?! I began by cutting strait across the shirt right under the collar. I… Continue reading Off the Shoulder Shirt

Funky Striped Tank

Recently I have been motivated to forage through my "to refash" pile. When I did I came across this awesome tank. I LOVE the little pocket! This tank only needed a few nips and tucks. I snipped the shoulders at the seams to make the straps shorten. I also took in the sides about 1/2 inch. Not too… Continue reading Funky Striped Tank

Maxi Skirt Refash

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this refashion with you guys! Although, I cannot take all of the creative credit for this one. I owe it all to Jilian Owens over at She is where I got the inspiration for this one! For this refash I went back to my Kentucky… Continue reading Maxi Skirt Refash

Rockin’ 80’s Refash

Last week the hubby took me to see my most favorite rock band: Foreigner!!! O-M-G I can't begin to tell you guys how happy I was! I LOVE every single one of their songs! This lovely vest shirt was given to me by our roomie, who actually move out and is not a roomie anymore… Continue reading Rockin’ 80’s Refash

Beautiful Hand Embroidered Shirt

A few weekend ago the husband and I had a dental hygiene course in East Lansing. You know what that means...You guessed it! I needed an outfit to wear! I have ALWAYS loved business attire but I obviously cannot wear anything but scrubs to work. So, I always look forward to my quarterly dental hygiene… Continue reading Beautiful Hand Embroidered Shirt