Trash to Treasure: Ikea Table to Ottoman

This project has been a long time coming. I purchased this Ikea coffee table way to long ago in the hopes of turning it into an oversized ottoman.

I sawed 3 1/2 inches off of the legs so with the foam it would be the same height of my couch.

First I used spray adhesive to adhere the foam to the top of the table. I needed to cut the foam to size, which was easily done with a serrated knife.

I then laid out a black sheet doubled over with a doubled layer of batting. I used my handy dandy staple gun to staple that all down. Be sure to pull it tight!

Next it was time to attach the legs. Honestly, this was not the easiest task since the batting and fabric was in the way.

After everything was all stapled I put the legs back on.

Here is the finished product! It makes a huge difference while sitting on the couch, you can prop your legs up from any part!

Happy Refashioning, Crafting and Upscaling!


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