Halloween- Lion Tamer

Happy Halloween!!! This year I decided to be a Lion Tamer and my pup, Ian would dress up as my Lion (He is such a good sport)

I could have done as frumplizzla lol

I must say this was the FIRST time I was EXCITED to see shoulder pads!

I sewed the keyhole together that was in the back.

I removed the faux black shirt that was part of the front.

I then used the material for the faux shirt and used it for the detail in the back.

I resewed the buttons on the front and cropped the front of the jacket.

I left some of the skirt material in the back for the coat tails.

Lucky for me the skirt had a seam right up the middle of the back so I ripped the seam and sewed 2 separate seams to make the tails.

This costume wouldn’t be complete without a black tulle tutu!

I measured my hips and stitched together the piece of elastic.

For this tutu I cut the tulle in lengths of 24 inches.

I used the loop and pull method and continued until the elastic was full.

My new coat and tutu were paired with a black corset and 2 petticoats of black and red. Plus you can’t forget the iconic top hat- which I had refashioned for a past Kentucky Derby!

Stay Spooky Y’All!

Happy Refashioning, Crafting and Upscaling!!!

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