New Maxi Dress Refash

One of my favorite items to refash are maxi dresses! I know they were all the rage a handful of years ago but I think by adding straps to these outdated maxi dresses it gives them a fun and updated look!

Love those flowers!

I had this top leftover from the pile of clothes my mom gifted me! I think the color will match perfectly and of course I love the lace!

I began by making the top more fitted.

Cut off the bottom half of the top.

Once the top was stitched to size it was time to out both pieces together!

I turned both garments inside out and put the maxi dress on my dress form and then the coral top ontop of that. Definitely making sure the fronts were aligned.

Lastly I folded under the original hem of the dress and stitched that in place to make a new hem. Since I’m short I didn’t want this dress to drag on the ground entirely, even if it is a maxi dress.

Me and my boy Ian 🙂

Happy Refashioning, Crafting and Upscaling!!!


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