Early Summertime Jammies

This refash is brought to you by: Neighbor Sandy! That’s right! This is another gifted outfit! I am in love with these coral polka dot jammies! But it has been so hot here in Michigan I decided these jammies needed a face lift!

I cut off the bottom on the top to make it shorter. I decided not to see a new hem since this fabric is cotton and it won’t unravel. Also, I think the absence of a hem would feel more comfortable!

Once the length was taken care of I took in each of the sides. I definitely wanted to make the top more fitted but not too tight. These are pajamas after all!

I laid a pair of shorts I already had on top of the pants. Then I cut off the length of the legs. First I used my pinking shears then I remembered I wasn’t doing to hem the shorts so I trimmed the shorts just a touch more.


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