A Dress and a Coat Duo

I was rummaging through my things to refash pile and found this amazing green dress! It looks pretty plain but it in fact has beautiful embroidery on the front which blends in with the color of the dress.

Ian: the photobommer
Ian had to lend a helping paw

I removed the sleeves!

Now you can see the beautiful embroidery on the front!

I pinned a new hem for the armholes.

I colored the fabric embroidery with a black fabric marker. I wanted to make a subtle difference between the dress and the embroidery.

Since it was still winter when I refashioned this and I was crazy to take the sleeves off the dress, I needed something to keep me warm.

Introducing this lovely houndstooth coat! This was so very generously gifted by Neighbor Sandy!

Ian- making another helpful appearance

I decided to shorten this coat by chopping the whole bottom off and making it a crop jacket: (which I can’t get enough of these cropped jackets)

I pinned a new hem on the bottom of the jacket. I widened the stitch width to 4.0mm to help the material stay flat.

Once I had the new hem sewn, I took in the sides as well as the width of the sleeves.

I just HAD to pin on one of my vintage brooches onto my new coat!

Happy Refashioning, Crafting and Upscaling!!!


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