The Sweater Saga: Part 1

Neighbor Sandy gifted me these 3 identical sweaters in 3 different colors!

I have always wanted to try and make a 2-tone sweater from 2 different sweaters and now here is my chance! I figured this would be a simple refashion since the black and red sweaters were identical.

I cut down the back of the red sweater.

Then I cut down the front of the sweater. Then repeated the same with the black sweater.

I flipped the pieces inside out and took 1 black and 1 red side. Then I pinned them together down the back and the front, with the help of my dress form.

I used a medium ball-point needle and streteched my stitch to 4.0mm- this was to help the sweater knit from becoming a ruffle!

Once both pieces were stitched together I took in the sides as well as the sleeves.

I am BEYOND happy with how this turned out!

Happy Refashioning, Crafting and Upscaling!!!


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