Open Sleeved Refash

I was so blessed to receive a few bags of clothes from my dear boyfriend’s mom’s neighbor! She saw my blog as was so kind to donate some things for my refash stash!

This shirt definitely is cute in it’s self but I think I can jazz it up a bit! (Don’t mind my polar bear jammies)

I began by making a new v- neckline. I cut straight down the front of the shirt and stitched the flaps back in a rolled hem fashion.

Once the new neckline was finished I noticed it was a very deep plunging neckline- a little too risky for a daytime shirt. So, I added some scrap lace to the inside to class it up a bit.

Neckline: Check!

Next order of business was to take in the sides and sleeves.

Now, don’t get me wrong I loved the two open pieces in the sleeves but I figured I should tie the black lace together from the front. So, I took the same scrap lace and sewed it behind the top open slit.

Finished it off with a button! I’ve been waiting a long time to used these cool buttons!

Close-up of the sleeve!

Happy Refashioning, Crafting and Upscaling!!!


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