Beach Ready Refash Part 1

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!! I am not going to say 2020 was the worst year but I will say it has been a unique year. Full of ups and downs but I always found thr positive in each situation. However, with all this craziness I found little time to sew as much as I would have liked, but 2021 will be a new start! I am anxious for a new year of refashioning! So, with that said let’s end the year that last refashion of 2020.

My mom bought me this fantastic cactus shirt, knowing I would refashion it!

*The pants in the picture are a work in progress for a later time.* I decided this white shirt needed some color! What could be better than my favorite color: pink?!?

I used Rit’s liquid dye in Pink .

  1. Fill washer machine with HOT water (enough for the garment to flow freely)
  2. Add 1 cup salt in the washer along with the liquid dye (for cotton). Use an extended cycle.
  3. Rinse the fabric in HOT water and add to the dye bath in the washer.
  4. Once the washer is done filling, be sure to set the water temperature to cold (for the rinse cycle)

BE SURE to clean the washer IMMEDIATELY with hot water and 1 cup bleach.

The shirt had a seam down the back, which I took in to make the shirt fitted.

I cut off the hem of the sleeves.

I also cut about 3 inches off the bottom. The last thing I did was to cut a slit up the middle front of the shirt and tie the pieces together.

Ta da! This shirt is beach ready, if only it wasn’t December and I wasn’t in Michigan. Can’t wait to wear this in the summer!

Happy Refashioning, crafting and upscaling!!!


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