Floral Suede Shirt

I picked up this lovely shirt because of the beautiful floral print and the soft fauz suede feel of the material! I’m not a total fan of collared shirts for ladies, I believe they aren’t very flattering. So, that gave me some inspiration to make this a more feminine shirt!

Alright! I dove right in! I removed the sleeves and the collar for starters.

I took the shirt over to my dress form and started to take the sides in for a more fitted look. Once the sides were taken in, I sewed a new hem around where the sleeves were. Then I stitched where I took the collar off.

I took the sleeves from a pink lace shirt and placed it on the front shoulder area of the floral shirt. I stitched it in place and with my very sharp scissors carefully trimmed the excess lace from around the stitching.

A few simple changes really makes this a new shirt!

Happy Refashioning, Crafting and Upscaling!!!


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