Busy Bee Halloween 2020

Welcome Halloween 2020! This is always one of my favorite times of the year! Making my own Halloween costume is so much fun!

This year I will be making this LBD into a Queen Bee costume!

I found the wings as well as the antenna headband at Dollar Tree!

I got lucky enough to find this perfect crown at my local grocery store!

I removed the wings from the antenna headband and removed the gold crown from its headband. I slid the crown onto the antenna headband 🙂

Then I used some gold glitter fabric paint to add more flair to the wings! You can never have enough glitter, right?

I removed the loops that held the ribbon in place and I removed the ribbon as well.

The tiers of the dress were too long for what I needed, so I trimmed those. This is the aftermath.

I added 3 stripes of yellow tulle onto the front and stitched them to the sides of the dress.

I continued to cut different lengths of black and yellow tulle, then pinned them underneath the sheer tier fabric of the skirt part of the dress.

Bring on those trick or treaters! Buzz Buzz!

Happy Refashioning, crafting, and upscaling!!!


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