Bunched Up Purple Refash

Wow where has the month of May gone to?! I was lucky enough to squeeze this refash in! Hope you enjoy!

DSCN1932Once again I found myself rumaging through the clothes my mom gifted me and found this top! I LOVE plain white tops, there are so many possibilities!

DSCN1940I used Rit’s liquid dye in Hycainth.

  1. Fill washer machine with HOT water (enough for the garmet to flow freely)
  2. Add 1 cup salt in the washser along with the liquid dye. Use an extended cycle.
  3. Rinse the fabric in HOT water and add to the dye bath in the washer.
  4. Once the washer is done filling, be sure to set the water temperatue to cold (for the rinse cycle)

BE SURE to clean the washer IMMEDIATELY with hot water and 1 cup bleach.

DSCN1950This came out a little deeper purple than expected, but I’m still happy with it!

My next step was to make the top more fitted but I didn’t want to take in the sides because that would mess up the cool bunching on the front. I toyed around with a few ways to make it tighter and ended up really liking how I pulled the excess fabric together in the back.


To accent the bunched fabric on the front I added 2 white buttons.


After I sitched the excess fabric in the back I added a white button to pull it together.




Happy Refashioning!!!


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