50s Cocktail Dress

Since we are still not able to go out to the theatre, the hubby and I had planned on watching Andrew Lloyd Weber’s production of The Phantom of the Opera, which was available on Youtube! Even though we couldn’t go out, we still dressed up!

DSCN1974I started with this strapless dress, I loved the fullness of the skirt reminds me of a 1950’s cocktail dress! And a lace shirt, compliments from my mom!

DSCN1975I dressed my dress form with the lace tee and the dress ontop. Wanting to use the top of the lace shirt I pinned it in place on the dress.

Once the 2 pieces were stitched together, it was ready for some sparkle!

I harvested these shiny black decorative buttons from a sweater and positioned them onto the dress.

Once I liked the pattern I hand sewed them in place!

Ready for the “theater” 🙂


Happy Refashioning!!!


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