Pirate Love Refashion

Here is another refash from the mountain of clothes my mom gave me! The black and white striped tank was hers and the pirate tank was mine! I have been waiting for some inspiration to refash my pirate tank! This is going to be good!

DSCN1931This tank top was a little too big on me but I hated to take it in at the sides because I would lose the contrasting stripe pattern, which I think was the coolest part of this tank! So, instead I took it in from the back! You’d never even notice!

DSCN1945I cut out the graphic from my tank top becuase I wanted to sew it onto the striped tank. Before that tho, the stiches on the heart had to go, it was weireding me out.

DSCN1946I grabbed a scrap sleeve in red and cut out a heart.

DSCN1947I also cut out a slightly smaller heart out of quilt badding, this will make my new heart puffy!

DSCN1949I used embroidery thread to hand stitch my new puffy red heart over the old graphic hear. Then I stitched the whole graphic onto my newly fitted tank top!


OMG I just LOVE it!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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