Quick Nightgown Refashions

My apologies, I do not have any before pictures for this project. I had started this project about 4 years ago and I had become frustrated and discarded the whole thing, deleting my before pictures in the process. Either way I finally found it in myself to finish!

I started with a cute pink satin nightie.

DSCN1967My idea was to add this panel to each side. This is originally where this project failed. I had somehow sewn each panel with the wrong side out. I had to remove the stitches and start fresh.

DSCN1968I repinned the lace to the sides (the right way) and stitched that!




This originally had white flower buttons, which were pretty, but I couldn’t resist using these adorable bunny buttons!

Around the same time as my failed pink nightgown project I started another one in blue. So, here I am finishing both!

DSCN1963I placed the blue nightgown onto my dress form and pinned the sides to make it a little more fitted, not too much, I still wanted it to be comfortable.

DSCN1966This is the same dusty rose lace shirt I used for my Easter dress refash that I pinned to the inside of the front of this nightie.

DSCN1969I sewed the sides up and then stitched the dusty rose lace onto the front.

The finished product!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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