Edgy Leather Shoulders

As the weather starts to warm here in Michigan, it’s time to start working on some new summer clothes!

DSCN1923I thrifted this sleeveless shirt because I liked the pattern and it was a nice soft cotton material! However, the white was just too plain.

DSCN1925I used Rit Dye’s Wine box powder dye.

1st: Dissolve the powder dye in 1 cup of HOT water. Fill a washer machine with HOT water (enough so the fabric can flow freely).

2nd: Add 1 cup salt (for cotton fabric), 1 Tablespoon detergent and the dissolved dye to the washer.

3rd: Rinse the fabric in HOT water and add that to the washer. Use an extended cycle.

4th: Once the washer is done filling, be sure to set the water temperature to cold (for the rinse cycle).

BE SURE to clean the washer IMMEDIATELY. HOT water and 1 cup bleach.

img_4114The dyed shirt left the white buttons, which stood out like a sore thumb. I changed all the buttons to black buttons.

img_4112I turned the shirt inside out and placed it onto my dress form and pinned the sides in to make it more fitted.

Once more added detail…

img_4113I took these leather pockets off of this jumper. I used the material to sew onto the shoulders.




Happy Refashioning!!!


3 thoughts on “Edgy Leather Shoulders

  1. Very clever use of those leather pockets! The finished blouse looks great. Another option to replacing the buttons is to paint them with nail polish. This has worked well for me 🙂

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    1. @ Mother Deer

      … yep and might turn more and more worthwhile since buttons seem to turn more and more expensive in some countries.

      … and the ‘fix&ready’ packaging of ‘factory-estimated amounts’ of buttons, where one has to opt for another FULL and expensive pack of buttons for JUST one/two additional ones needed ^^!

      … sometimes it’s even worthwhile to entirely ‘re-design’ any buttoned garments into none buttoned ones ^^!

      @ Marisa

      Smart Idea; well done; thanks 😀 !

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