Quarantine Easter Dress

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Have you seen this meme that is circulating are the internet?


I figured why go all out on an Easter dress when I will just be stuck at home with no one but the dog and the hubby? So, Here is my Easter “dress”…


Complete with bunny buttons!

Of course, I’m totally joking! Here is my real Easter Dress…Stuck at home or not!

DSCN1952I am in love with the flowly ruffle! I am not in love with this dress being stark white! Yikes!

DSCN1953Since it is springtime and Easter I figured this Petal Pink dye would do nicely.

1st: Dissolve the powder dye in 1 cup of HOT water. Fill a washer machine with HOT water (enough so the fabric can flow freely).

2nd: Add 1 cup salt (for cotton fabric), 1 Tablespoon detergent and the dissolved dye to the washer.

3rd: Rinse the fabric in HOT water and add that to the washer. Use an extended cycle.

4th: Once the washer is done filling, be sure to set the water temperature to cold (for the rinse cycle).

BE SURE to clean the washer IMMEDIATELY. HOT water and 1 cup bleach.

DSCN1954Once my dress was done dyeing and drying I placed it on my dress form and cut a straight line down the back and made a v-neckline.

DSCN1955I removed the belt loops, because I did not need them. This dress did not come with the belt. No big deal!

DSCN1957My mom gave me this dusty rose lace shirt. I cut the bottom hem off and cut it into different length strips.

DSCN1958I pinned the strips of fabric across the V of the back.


The dress dyed very well except for 1 small spot….right in front!

I used one more piece of the dusty rose lace to cover up the darker spot in front. I hand sewed 2 buttons at each side of the lace strip.

DSCN1971And that is it! Easter dress completed! I got lucky that the length of this dress was perfect!



Happy Easter!!!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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