Dip Bleach Dress

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe in these uncertain times.

Lucky for me I have been feeling good and keeping busy! I have taken this time to get projects that I have once started and get them finished! This has applied to sewing projects as well as home decor projects.

I had this little gem hiding on my to refashion rack. I do believe these crocheted maxi dresses have seen their day. Time to revamp this frock!

I thought this long black dress was just a bit too dark so I decided to experiment with some bleach. I dumped 1/2 a bottle of bleach in a bucket and then added water. I placed the bottom 1/2 of the dress into the bleach mixture.

I almost ran out of patience for this. I went and checked on the dress in 40 minutes and it was still as black as when I started. I let it sit again for another 30 minutes and began to see the bleach do its job!

I plopped this dress in the washer machine on a normal setting, and warm water.

I couldn’t just leave the dress 1/2 bleached. It needed more detail! I had this black lace piece and I finally found a good place to use it! I sewed the lace in the back neckline.

Once that was stitched in place I trimmed off the excess. Then inspiration hit me! I could use the excess pieces and sew them into the straps. This would really bring together the lace on the back.

Doesn’t that look nice already? I stitched that in place!

My husband had bought me tickets to see a symphony play Tachovisky’s symphony #5, but since the COVID-19 outbreak the theater had cancelled the performance, which left me terribly sad. I had got a notice that The Royal Opera House would be streaming performances on youtube. Today they started at 3:00 with Peter and the Wolf ballet!

My husband and I decided to get dressed up and watch the performance from the comfort of our couch! It was super fun!

Even Ian was happy he could watch the performance and not have to stay home alone 🙂

The back!

Happy Refashioning!!!

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