Refashion Runway Season 5: Southwest

When I think of Southwest I think of cowboys or ranchers. Then I got to thinking about Southwest fashion. These cowboys need rugged durable clothing for their tough work outside in the elements. With that being said I thought to myself why can’t I mix rugged with feminine style? I found this perfect suede dress, crocheted skirt and sweater dress as my materials!

The Sweater:

Daytime in the desert can be sweltering heat but the nighttime temperatures drop drastically. This is why I featured a long sweater in my Southwest refashion.

I cut the front of the sweater to open it up. Then hemmed the raw edges of each side.

I removed the cowl from the sweater.

I switched the black buttons into silver buttons. Nothing says Southwest to me like silver!

I had been hanging onto this shirt for the perfect project and it looks like this was it! I love the geometric design of the embroidery which to me is very Southwestern style.

I stitched the shirt panel and the crocheted panel together.

I cut down the length of the back of the sweater and added the new panel I made.

I removed the pockets.

Another thing that makes me think of the southwest is Navajo drawings. I found this adorable lizard picture online, which I cut out and make it a stencil. I pulled out my trusty fabric paints and went to town!

I used a decorative stitch while stitching the front into a v-neck.

I added the bottom hem of the crocheted skirt to the bottom hem of my dress, which gave the suede the feminine touch I was looking for!

Once my v-neck was done I added a small amount of the crocheted material into the V.

I was lucky enough to have these beads stashed away for the right project! I think this buffalo nickel button is PERFECT for this project!

Mr. Lizard:

*My turquoise ring was my great grandmothers 🙂 *

The Front:

The Back:

Happy Refashioning!!!

Don’t forget to vote for this week’s challenge: Southwest!



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