Halloween 2019

I know I am postinng this super late, but better late than never. This years Halloween costumes were Cowboy and Saloon girl.

I was lucky enough to have the perfect dress hanging in my refash pile, waiting for this day!


DSCN1911I was also lucky enough to have this lace skirt already made from years ago!

DSCN1912I pinned and stitched the black lace skirt underneath the top layer of red lace.


I had taken these black lace sleeves off of a shirt and added them.

I also bought a black corset to wear with my dress.

IMG_3066 (1)

Me and my noodle-horse


Cowboy and Saloon girl



My hubby repurposed the pirate costume I refashioned for him a few years ago! All we needed to add was the hat and bandanna!img

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Refashionging!!!


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