Positively 60s Refash Part 1

Alright readers! I have a 2 part refash for you! I am super excited about this!!!

DSCN1791Over the summer I found this super duper amazing 60s print shirt with bell sleeves! I must admit this pattern is overwhelming as one piece, but wait til you see what I have done with it!


I removed the sleeves to use for this refash.

DSCN1806I wanted to use the bell sleeves but at them to a much more plain shirt. I also loved the laces sleeves on this white shirt so I took those off and kept them for later.

DSCN1876My first idea was to tie the white shirt together with the crazy pattern on the sleeves. I tried to use an orange fabric marker to color the lace detail on the shirt….that was both time consuming and looked terrible. I decided to cut off all the lace detail.

After my failed coloring attempt I moved onto the next step. I began to pin the sleeves onto the shirt. I turned the shirt inside out as well as the sleeves.

DSCN1877Once the sleeves were sewn in place I took in the sides a bit and added orange rick-rack around the neckline as well as down the front to make a faux warp look, just like the original lace.

DSCN1885I think the rick-rack tied in with the whole 60’s vibe of the sleeves! I’d call that a happy accident!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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