This Refash is a Splash

I know Sea World has been under a lot of fire lately but growing up in Michigan close to Ohio going to Sea World was the thing to do. Sea World in Ohio has been closed for many many years but I found this Dolphin tee from Sea World, I got super excited! You can't… Continue reading This Refash is a Splash


A Poppy Refashion

I have been hanging onto this over-sized tank top for a few years now, I am embarrassed to say. Today is the day this tank gets a makeover! Love the poppy flowers on this! Remember this from my Positively 60's Refashion Part 1? Remember how I loved those lace sleeves, good thing I kept them!… Continue reading A Poppy Refashion

Positively 60s Refash Part 2

We've made it to Part 2!!! I hope you enjoyed part 1 as much as I did! Remember this before picture?!? I cut off the sleeves and used them for part 1. But what happened to the body of this shirt? Too cute to throw away! I pinned a new seam around the arm holes.… Continue reading Positively 60s Refash Part 2

Positively 60s Refash Part 1

Alright readers! I have a 2 part refash for you! I am super excited about this!!! Over the summer I found this super duper amazing 60s print shirt with bell sleeves! I must admit this pattern is overwhelming as one piece, but wait til you see what I have done with it! I removed the… Continue reading Positively 60s Refash Part 1

Frilly Unicorn Refash

Who doesn't love a good unicorn shirt?! I sure do! I was lucky enough that a friend of mine gifted me this super awesome unicorn shirt! I shortened the shoulders. After the shoulders were more fitted, I added this greyish ruffle at the neckline. A simple update for an already awesome top! Happy Refashioning!!!