Cold Shoulder Refash

Recently my hubby and I attended a dental hygiene course. Which is always a good reason to refash something!

I have been hanging onto this dress for quite sometime. 1 of the reasons was because this dress is completely sheer.  I love this dress the way that it is but I don’t own a grey slip to wear underneath.

So, since I was uncomfortable wearing this sheer dress as is, I needed a new way to wear it.


I began by cutting the bottom off of the dress. and sewing a new hem at the bottom.

I figure that this dress would be a better shirt. I decided that I could wear this new shirt with a navy cami underneath to accent the navy in the pattern.

DSCN1825I have been seeing all these cold shoulder shirts around but haven’t found any in stores that I just had to have.

So, here I go making my own!

I started to seam rip the sleeves off but stopped about 1/2 way down, since I wasn’t going to completely removed the sleeves. This is where I had to exercise self control….you all know how I LOVE to take sleeves off!


After that, I rolled over the material to make new hems around the shoulder and the top of the sleeves. I did tuck in the sides of the sleeves to the side of the shirt so they were nice and tight with just enough shoulder popping through.


I even wore this new top with a navy skirt! This was the only picture I was able to capture because right after this was taken, it started to downpour! Yikes!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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