Overall Skirt with New Shirt

Are overalls making a comeback? I have been seeing a lot of girls wearing them lately. Well, I guess it's time to jump on the bandwagon! Here I have a button down shirt that resembles denim, which I thought would be perfect to make into an overall skirt!I removed the sleeves and set them aside. Then… Continue reading Overall Skirt with New Shirt

Cold Shoulder Refash

Recently my hubby and I attended a dental hygiene course. Which is always a good reason to refash something! I have been hanging onto this dress for quite sometime. 1 of the reasons was because this dress is completely sheer.  I love this dress the way that it is but I don't own a grey… Continue reading Cold Shoulder Refash

Red Rose Shirt with a Sash Refeash

You may have noticed that I have been in love with thrifted shirts that have embroidery details! This refash is no exception. I fell in love with this red rose embroidery, however I am not a huge fan of button down shirts. Time to transform this! I carefully removed the sleeves. Then pinned and sewed… Continue reading Red Rose Shirt with a Sash Refeash

Quick Embroidered Shirt Refash

This is a quick refashion. I found this adorable embroidered shirt at the Salvation army. All I did was take this shirt in from each side and down the sleeves! A nice easy nip and tuck. I cut a small 1/2 circle into the back of the neckline to make a cute detail. Happy Refashioning!!!