Palm Tree Shawl

I was so excited when I found this big and beautiful palm tree scarf for .50 cents! I love the yellow pom-pom edging.

So, this is obviously a super cute scarf all on its own, but summer is coming soon and I’m not too fond of wearing scarfs during the summer, even if they are a lighter material.


DSCN1820I laid out the scarf so that yellow pom-poms are on each side rather than the top and bottom. The pom-poms were around top and bottom, but I was making this into a shawl and the pom-poms would be better on the sides. I cut along the bottom of the laid out scarf to make a new bottom.

DSCN1821I sewed that to make a new bottom hem.

DSCN1822Now onto the sides. I sewed up the pom-poms about 3/4 the way up to make arm holes.

DSCN1823Once the bottom and sides were sewn up I only needed one more thing to complete my scarf. I found the middle and cut all the way up and sewed each side making an opening for the shawl.

Happy Refashioning!!!


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