Bell Sleeves Part 2

Part 2! Part 2! Part 2! Aren’t you excited?!

DSCN1709I enjoyed making and wearing my 1st bell sleeve shirt that I couldn’t wait to make another!

I started with wanting to use the fabric from these pants and adding it to a plain black cotton long sleeve shirt.


I took the band of fabric that folded down at the waist and pinned it to the v-neck of my black shirt and stitched that in place.

DSCN1714Then I took the rest of the waist fabric and sewed that to the bottom hem of the black shirt.

DSCN1715Then just like my other refashion I opened up the seam of each sleeve.

Cut 2 triangles from the pants and sewed that in the sleeve hem, making bell sleeves!


Here it is! My final project! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed part 2!


Happy Refashioning!!!

Stay warm!


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