Bell Sleeves Part 1

Happy February!!! ! I have been so busy creating but not very busy in posting. I am now finally playing catch-up with my posts, so get ready for some awesome refashions!

Here we have this very lovely fruit/flower dress. Very nice, but a wee bit too big for me. Since the cold weather has hit Michigan I did not really see the need to make this into a better version of its self as a dress. I need long sleeves!!!!

DSCN1705I decided to use the fabric of this dress and add it to a long sleeve shirt.

DSCN1704I had this navy cotton long sleeve shirt which fit perfectly but was very plain. To incorporate my fruit/flower I opened up the seam of each sleeve.


I cut the dress in half making a ring of fabric.


I then cut 2 triangles out of the corners of that ring of fabric.

DSCN1708Then I used the triangles of fabric  to sew into the open seam of the sleeves. Thus, making a bell sleeve!

DSCN1718Ta da! This was a simple way to update a plain shirt! I love how it turned out!


Happy Refashioning!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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