A Not So New Years Eve Refash

I  originally planned for this to be my New Years Eve dress but by the time I finished it and put it on for my New Years Eve Party, I realized that it was just too tight in the hips. So sadly I did not start my 2019 with a new refash.

I left this alone for awhile until I calmed down enough to try and fix this refash. Here is what I came up with.

Back in 2017 I used the sleeves on this dress for my Morticia Addams dress.


This is what as left over from then. Not much was needed to save this dress.


I stitched a new hem for the armholes. This is when I tried this on and realized it was a little bit too tight in the hips and would be too uncomfortable to wear all night. I admit I got very frustrated and almost threw this project in the trash.

Luckily I came to my senses and just put it on the hanger for a later date.


The day finally came where I got the inspiration to fix this project. I would turn this dress into a sort of peplum shirt. I cut the dress in half which meant I also had to cut the zipper too! Yikes!


After I cut the dress in half I cut some more off the top of the bottom scrap. This was to make the portion for the peplum I would be adding.


I sewed a new hem onto the top of the dress, mostly to make a new stop for the zipper.


I folded the peplum piece inside out and pinned it to the top. I kept the back slit of the dress and made sure it would be in the front of the shirt but off center. I then I hand sewed 2 big black buttons to accent the slit in the front.

A close up view of the buttons!

A fancy brand new shirt that I could wear when my hubby took me to see The Russian Ballet perform Swan Lake! My very favorite ballet!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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