Christmas Refash

First of all, I hope every enjoyed their Holidays! I had a wonderful time with my family but it feels good to get back into a normal routine. Don’t worry, I have a Christmas refashion for you. I did not forget!

I had this plaid dress and scottie dog print shirt for sometime now and I had always wanted to incorporate the two together. Here was my chance!


dscn1720First thing is first! Away with the shoulder pads!

dscn1721I cut my dress in half, keeping most of the buttons on the top half.

dscn1722I decided  to make this dress into a crop jacket and skirt! I sewed a new hem on the bottom of the jacket

dscn1724For my skirt I folded over the top to make a casing for some elastic at the waistline. (I feel that elastic skirts are more comfortable for me, Yes I am probably getting old!)

dscn1725The crop jacket needed a little slimming up so I took it in where the original darts were.

dscn1726Then I took it in a little more on each side, up around the armpit and little down the sleeves.

dscn1727Next, I measured for the elastic around my waist. I left an overlap of 1 1/2 inches so I could sew it together once it was in the casing of the skirt.

dscn1728I sewed the casing on the top of the skirt leaving 2 inches open so that I could thread the elastic through.

dscn1729Using my Bodkin to thread the elastic through. (You could also use a safety pin)

dscn1730Once the elastic was all the way through, I secured the ends together. This is were the 1 1/2inch overlap came in.

dscn1731Now for the 3rd and final piece of my outfit!. I began by removing the sleeves. (This is classic Marisa, always removing the sleeves)

dscn1732I sewed a new hem for the arm holes and then took the shirt in on each side. (No measuring here, just eyeballed it)

dscn1734Lastly, I made 3 cutouts around the neckline to add a little more pizzaz! I did not stitch around the raw edges because it was a cotton fabric and I was not worried about it fraying in the wash.

img_1867 (1)

The complete outfit!


Modeling pose!


Without the jacket!


Happy Refashioning!!!!


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