2 Dresses into 1 Dress

I have really been into refashioning dresses! I love finding 2 separate dresses and putting them together as one!

DSCN1650Here is the 1st little number! Cute, Cute, Cute!

DSCN1652And then here is # 2….not so cute, cute, cute. More like frump, frump, frump!

DSCN1653I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with the bodice of this dress. I love the off the shoulder part as well as the structured midsection that came to a point in the front. I obviously kept the top and discarded the bottom skirt portion.

DSCN1654For dress #1 I cut it just below the sleeves to be able to use as much of the fabric as possible!

DSCN1655When I bought this I noticed that one of the shoulder straps was unstitched from it’s elastic. A quick run through the machine fixed that up nicely!DSCN1656Next I found the point to where the actual point of the bodice would end up on the skirt portion of dress #1. Stuck a pin in it!

DSCN1657I used the side seam of dress #1 as the new back seam so I could reattach the zipper from the bodice. So I cut in line with the original seam.

DSCN1658Then used my seam ripper to open the seam to allow the zipper to fit.

DSCN1659Found there the zipper would stop and pinned that.

DSCN1660This is where my nerves really set in….This is my very FIRST zipper! I broke in my zipper foot! I stitched the zipper in on each side and across the bottom.

DSCN1661Time to put the rest of the dress together. After the zipper was sewn in I pinned the rest of the top to the skirt part. Then stitched that together!



Happy Refashioning!!!


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