Spool of Tulle Tutu Part 1

I know that Halloween has already passed but I do have a 2 part Halloween refash for you. In this 2 part post I have made 2 Tutus made from spools of tulle. These are super easy (but time consuming) ways to make a tutu.

This began by needing a work appropriate Halloween costume. As some of you know I am a Dental Hygienist, so I needed a costume that was still practical enough for me to clean teeth while wearing it. It would have been very difficult for me to wear my Sassy Witch hat while cleaning patient’s teeth.

I have already said that I am making a tulle tutu for my work Halloween costume but what am I going to wear with the tutu?

I decided to make my own take on a girlie superhero costume: Captain America! Now, YES I could have gone out and bought a Captain America t-shirt to wear with my tutu but then there would be no point to this blog.

Obviously I was going to make a Captain America shirt…..Out comes my Brother Scan N Cut!

DSCN1697With this I printed Captain America’s shield. Scanned that into my Scan N Cut. Then placed heat transfer vinyl into the machine to be cut. I did this for the red, white and blue parts of the shield.

DSCN1702I cut as close to the edges of the vinyl pieces because I did not want the adhesive from the vinyl transfer to make my design look funny. I placed each piece (one at a time) then ironed with my iron on medium heat.

Now to the TuTu tutorial…

1st I grabbed some 1/2 inch white elastic, measured around my waist and then stitched the ends together to make a waist band.

I purcahsed 3 spools of tulle 6 in. by 20 yard spool in red, white and blue.

I placed the elastic waistband onto my dress form. (Don’t have a dress form? Use a chair or cardboard box).


I cut the tulle in 36 inch pieces, which would make the length of the finished tutu to be 18 inches (Mid thigh for me and I’m 5’2″). It’s best to cut all the tulle 1st.

Then I folded 1 tulle pieces in half. Tucked that under the elastic waist band.

IMG_1698 (1)

Took the ends of the tulle and pulled it through the loop at the top and pulled it tight!


I repeated this until the elastic was filled.

Next, I used some leftover tulle for a headband.

I took a headband from the $1 Store. 3 pieces of tulle (One in each color). Then I cut a short piece of tulle.


I wrapped the big pieces of tulle around my hand then took the smaller tulle pieces and tied them around the tulle bundle and tied it tight.



I left the tails of the smaller piece to tie to the headband.



I got to wear my costume to work!

We even had a pumpkin decorating contest!


Happy Refashioning!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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