Halloween 2018

It has arrived! The most fun day for a refashioner, Halloween!!!

This year I have decided to be a sassy witch!

DSCN1688.JPGI purchased this witch dress from the Halloween store and as you can see it does not have a very sassy fit. It just hangs on me. Thank goodness I will use this as a starter for my costume.

DSCN1690I purchased 3 spools of Halloween tulle: Orange glitter tulle, green spiderweb tulle, regular purple tulle and black bat ribbon. I cut these into strips and added them in between the fabric strips of the witch dress,

DSCN1694Once the strips of Halloween tulle were pinned, it was time to start sewing!

Now onto making the top part of the dress….

DSCN1689I had this corset in my to-be refashed pile. So glad I had this in stock!


Since I was going with mostly black and purple for my costume I used a purple fabric marker to color the white threads of the appliques on the corset.

What witches costume isn’t complete with accessories?!

First up: Shoes!

DSCN1691Thrifted these beautiful pointed black heels!

DSCN1695I wanted to put some glitz on these babies! I painted the shoes with modge podge, sprinkled on black glitter for the shoe and purple glitter for the heel. Once this coat was dry I then painted on another coat of modge podge to seal the glitter! (It is best to paint and glitter in small sections and use a foam brush!)

DSCN1693All dry and sparkly!

DSCN1692I then cut 2 square buckles out of a cereal box. Painted black with acrylic paint and sprinkled with purple glitter while the paint was still wet. Once that dried I sealed with a coat of modge podge. Then I hot glued them to my witch shoes.

Don’t worry! I didn’t forget about the hat!


My favorite part of refashioning is doing hats! On this on I added a series of feathers and a black rose.


To top it off I added a plastic spider attached with fishing line to the tip of my hat.



A close up!


The hubby always insists on buying this costumes at the Halloween store. This year he decided to be Dr. Steven Strange. Who my hubby’s name is also Steven.


IMG_1666 (1)

I do believe he has a great likeness!



Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Refashioning!!!



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