Just Ducky Refashion

I have been very productive this past month. I have been finishing at lot of unfinished projects and let me tell you, it feels great!

DSCN0612I acquired this Donald Duck crop top a few years ago and was really looking forward to making this into a dress but every time I sat down to finish this the weather turned cold.

DSCN0615I began by making a skirt using this XL men’s t-shirt. I cut just below the sleeves.

DSCN0617I folded over the top just enough to make a casing for 1/4 inch elastic.

DSCN0619Threaded the elastic through with my bodkin.

DSCN0620Once the elastic waistband was through the casing I stitched the elastic ends together.

DSCN1669Then I stitched the crop top to the skirt I just made.

DSCN1670Once both pieces were stitched together I noticed that it became a very short dress. I fixed this by adding some material from a white men’s t-shirt. I cut just below the sleeves.

DSCN1671I trimmed that piece down to 5 inches and kept the original t-shirt hem. Which worked well because I would not have to hem it again!

DSCN1672I stitched the new white piece to the bottom of the dress.


I am so happy with this new summer dress and it was definitely worth the wait!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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