1 Dress 2 Refashions Part 2

YAY we have made it to Part 2 of this refashion! I am so excited for you to see what I have done with the bottom half of this dress!

Let me refresh your memory,

The original dress:


Part 1:


Now onto part 2!DSCN1629With the elastic in the back it was a little tricky to make this into a snug skirt. First, I had to sew the front the skirt to the back on each side.

DSCN1628Then I folded over the front material of the skirt and stitched that together.

Once my skirt was done I slipped on a black tank to and the hubby and I were off the Sea Life Aquarium and then dinner!


Not too bad for Part 2!



Happy Refashioning!!!


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