Update: A Dress for Florida

Back in 2016 I had refashioned a dress to wear on a trip to Florida. It was a rushed refash and I wasn’t completely happy with the results. I had always intended on fixing it, but time and other projects kept me busy. So, finally I got around to fixing my refash. I absolutely love the print on this dress so I was super excited to fix it!

You can see the original post Here

img_0109In my original post I had mentioned that I liked the collar on this dress popped up. But it had a hard time staying like that. I had an idea of adding small pieces of wire to stiffen up the collar.

DSCN1663I cut 2 small pieces of craft wire.

DSCN1664I opened up the front collar seam and inserted the wire and sewed it back up.

DSCN1665Originally, I had taken 5 inches off the length of the sleeves. Which was good until I put it on and realized the arm holes were all the way down my sides! Not vert modest! I closed up the arm holes and even took the sides of the bodice in by 1- 1/2 inches in places. Stitched that up and used pinking sheers to remove the excess material.

DSCN1666Also I had originally  took a large portion of the length of the dress off. Yet again I did not notice I did not take enough until it was too late. I cut off another 5 inches from the length and made a new hem.

DSCN1667I had a bottom seam of a purple t-shirt left over that was the perfect match. I used this to sew a faux “belt” around the waist. I say “belt” because it was only for decorative purposes and I fixed it to the dress with these perfectly matching buttons I picked up on clearance.




See the popped collar?!

2018-09-09-15-45-55It doesn’t look like a HUGE transformation but I feel like it fits so much better! I am finally happy!

Happy Refashioning!!!


2 thoughts on “Update: A Dress for Florida

  1. The dress looks really cute and has a flattering fit. I can’t tell exactly what kind of wire that you used for the collar, but I hope that it won’t rust when you launder the dress. Another option would be to use plastic boning, or steal some collar stays from your husband’s shirts. Your idea to stiffen the collar was really creative. Great refashion 🙂

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