Rit Ice Dye Project

Last month I posted a teaser on my instagram page that I was trying a new dye technique from Rit Dye- Ice Dye! This turned out to be a fun way to dye fabric. I will say after completing this I may have used a little too much dye and ice. I will be trying this again  with less ice and less dye and see how it goes.

DSCN1622.JPGStarted with this lovely white tee.

For this I needed:


-Rit color stay color fixative. Ice

-Ice Cubes (I used 3 difference cube shapes)

-A large cookie sheet

– Cooling rack

I covered my counter with plastic wrap, then placed the cookie sheet ontop. I pre-wet my shirt in warm water.

Crumpled up the shirt and placed it on the cooling rack and cookie sheet.

Piled on the ice and sprinkled on the powder dye.

My mountain of ice took forever to melt, so I took it outside into the 95 degree heat to melt faster. Once that was done I put the shirt into a bucket with warm water and the Rit Color Stay dye fixative. Let that sit for 30 minutes and then took it to the washer!


A new take on tye-dye! Can’t wait to try this again!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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