Fun with Fabric Markers

I am embarrassed to say I had started this project 3 years ago. WOW how time flies! Needless to say I have lost my before picture. I actually stumbled upon this unfinished project while looking though my piles of clothes to be refashioned. This started out as a dress. A VERY itsy bitsy short dreses.… Continue reading Fun with Fabric Markers


Not So Ugly Bridesmaid Dress Refash

My hubby's co-worker's wedding was about 2 weeks ago. Which sent me into a fury to find the perfect wedding dress to refash! I had in my mind of what I wanted...some type of Greek/Roman style dress. But 1st I had to find the perfect base dress to make my vision come true! I was… Continue reading Not So Ugly Bridesmaid Dress Refash

Rit Ice Dye Project

Last month I posted a teaser on my instagram page that I was trying a new dye technique from Rit Dye- Ice Dye! This turned out to be a fun way to dye fabric. I will say after completing this I may have used a little too much dye and ice. I will be trying… Continue reading Rit Ice Dye Project