Anniversary Dress Refash

Our 6 year wedding anniversary was on the  13th this month and the hubby was taking me to a very nice steak restaurant. Being tired of all the nice dresses I already own, I wanted to make something special for the occasion!

DSCN1613I was lucky enough that when our roomie was living with us she gave me this beautiful dress. I love the black lace with teal!

DSCN1615Speaking of our roomie, she even put this top into my refash pile….I am so lucky!

DSCN1616I took off the lace top from the bottom of the shirt.

DSCN1617I pinned the lace top onto the top of the dress. Then stitched it together, making sure both pieces were insideout.

DSCN1621Being only 5’2″ this dress was a little long, even while wearing heels. I tucked up the bottom of the hem up to the bottom of the lace on the bottom of the dress. I used a decorative stitch for this just to add some detail.

Let me tell you, using a decorative stitch vs. a straight stitch took such a LONG time!

We ended up having such a nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I also got complements on my beautiful new dress!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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