Anniversary Dress Refash

Our 6 year wedding anniversary was on the  13th this month and the hubby was taking me to a very nice steak restaurant. Being tired of all the nice dresses I already own, I wanted to make something special for the occasion! I was lucky enough that when our roomie was living with us she… Continue reading Anniversary Dress Refash


Blue Polk-A-Dot Dress

Back in 2016 when I was sewing in Refashion Runway: All Stars one of the challenges was Pantone: Riverside Blue. I purchased these dresses but I opted for a different set of dresses for that challenge. So I finally am getting around to this project! I said bye bye to the shoulder pads! I seamed… Continue reading Blue Polk-A-Dot Dress

Beach Cover Up

This is ALMOST a no-sew refashion....Almost! I bought this t-shirt during my Birthday trip to Frankenmuth, MI. I decided this would make a great beach cover-up! I cut off the collar. Cut a slit 1/4 the way down the back. I twisted each side 4 times to make a sort of strap. First twist. 4th… Continue reading Beach Cover Up