Dress to Summer Romper

It’s summer!!! It has been super hot here in Michigan!

Since rompers are very popular this year I decided what better to do than a romper refash!

DSCN1587I absolutely love white and green stripes!

Okay so I started with this cotton dress! Very comfortable!


I laid out my dress with the front side up. Folded it in half lengthwise. I made a diagonal cut from the bottom seam up.


I then cut 3 inches off the bottom.


Sewed a new 1/2 inch hem around the whole bottom.


I laid out my dress inside out, front side up and sewed up the leg seams.


For the final touch I added some pom-poms to the hem of the romper shorts.


Perfect for a hot day boating!


Happy Refashioning!!!


2 thoughts on “Dress to Summer Romper

  1. That is a really cute refashion. I love the pompons and the green and white stripes. I wish that you would post a picture of you standing up so that I can see how the legs fit. How did you decide where to cut that diagonal seam for the legs? Does it hang well in the back? Thanks for sharing your creativity 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Green and white is my favorite stripe combo! Cutting for the legs was all guess work, which I got very lucky. Next time I will be more precise. The legs fit great and turned out to be a good length. It does hang well in the back, which again I believe is pure luck. 🙂


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