Halter Dress Refash

Hi readers! Happy June!!

Today I have a refashion that has taken quite a bit of time to complete. It started as a dye project that later graduated to a sewing project. I am finally happy to say it’s done and I can share it!


Honestly I have had this dress in my stash for longer than I care to admit…

Anyway, as I said this started as a dye project. I used RitDye- Purple in powder form. I prepared the dye bath according to the directions on the box. I promise you your next load of laundry will NOT be dyed IF you immediately wash your machine with HOT water and bleach.  🙂


Now because of the type of fabric this dress was I did not have high hopes.

I also had a scrap of a white cotton scarf that I put in the dye bath as well.

DSCN1574The cotton scarf picked up the dye perfectly! Look at that deep purple!

DSCN1577You can’t see it very well here but the dress did end up with a nice purple tint. Did you notice the buttons? This is a FIRST for me! The buttons actually took the dye!

I removed the shoulder pads and sleeves.

DSCN1576I turned the dress inside out and placed it on my dress form. Then I used my pinking sheers to cut away some of the inside collar material.

DSCN1578Then I cut underneath the neckline and down the shoulder seams.

DSCN1579I began to pin the back of the dress back together.

DSCN1580Here I am finishing the front shoulder seams. This will complete the halter look.

DSCN1582I took each side in 1 inch at the waist.

DSCN1583Since I made a new back seam that was more fitted I also followed that seam straight down to the bottom of the dress.

DSCN1585Using a dress that I liked the length on I made a shorter hemline.

DSCN1586It was incredibly hard to get my new hem to stay while pinning. To fix this I used some spray starch and my iron! Nice crisp new hem!

DSCN1584Lastly I had to cut the new halter neckline so it would be more fitted.





Happy Refashioning!!!


4 thoughts on “Halter Dress Refash

  1. I did turn out a beautiful purple tint!! That’s cool about the buttons changing so intensely too. I love when projects surprise you. You make this upcycle really cool!

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