Sewing Themed Fleece Sweater

My sewing room is in the basement of my house. Which means all year ’round it’s FREEZING! Brrrr!

By the time I get myself down to my sewing room I forget a sweater! To solve this problem I decided to make myself a sewing sweater. Something that I can keep at my sewing center and put on to keep from freezing!

DSCN1530I was lucky enough to have this cozy light teal fleece in my To Be Refashed pile! This works so well because 1. Its warm and 2. It’s the same color as my accent color in my sewing room! Hooray for matchy matchy!


I cut the fleece sweater straight down the middle.


Since this is my new sweater for my sewing room I needed to go along with that theme and add a sewing embroidery pattern!

I chose my design from I hooked up the embroidery part of my machine. Added some tear away stabilizer to the back of the area to be embroidered. And the machine did the rest!

DSCN1537Yeah, Sew What? LOL

DSCN1538I added lace around the cuff of the sleeve and also down each side of the slit that I made.


I wanted to add some embellishments my sweatshirt. I began by stacking 2 buttons and then folding some lace behind the buttons.


For my next embellishment I used some Heat N Bond on some white lace.


I traced on a sewing machine on the back side of the Heat N Bond and cut it out.


I removed the paper backing and placed the appliqué on the sweatshirt. Ironed that in place and then used silver fabric paint around the edges. I let that dry overnight and then moved onto my next embellishment.


I picked out some white and teal buttons and hand sewed them around my lace button.



Warm and cozy!!!


Happy Refashioning!!!


4 thoughts on “Sewing Themed Fleece Sweater

  1. This is so pretty and feminine! Love it. For basement sewing room, read house with thick stone walls in Scotland where it’s warmer outside than in, in summer….I wear a woolly hat sometimes when I’m sewing!
    ps like the ‘wallpaper’ background for your blog

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