Sewing Themed Fleece Sweater

My sewing room is in the basement of my house. Which means all year 'round it's FREEZING! Brrrr! By the time I get myself down to my sewing room I forget a sweater! To solve this problem I decided to make myself a sewing sweater. Something that I can keep at my sewing center and… Continue reading Sewing Themed Fleece Sweater


Toooh-Tally Tubular 80’s Refashion

Hey there readers! Today we are going back in time to the toooh-tally tubular 80s! This dress is totally ugly to the max! This poor dress is in dire need of some updating! I used a dress that I really liked the length to use as a guide on where to hem my new dress.… Continue reading Toooh-Tally Tubular 80’s Refashion