Fantastic Floral Refash

Hi readers! It’s been awhile! I have really missed posting but February has been a difficult month for me. I have been under the weather for what seems like most of the month. Hopefully this will be the last of being sick for a good long while.

In between being healthy and sick I managed to slip in this refash!

DSCN1486Yep! Picked this floral frump!

DSCN1492The obvious 1st order of business was to remove the shoulder pads! Bye-Bye!

DSCN1493Then I cutoff  the skirt portion of the dress. I left the elastic waist to keep the original peplum top of the dress in tact.

DSCN1495Now to take care of the modest top. I folded back the front of the dress to make a v-neck. Pinned and sewed that into place. This defiantly helped break up that floral pattern so it wasn’t so overwhelming.

DSCN1502The sleeves were already had a rolled cuff but I think it needed a little embellishment. I dug through my button jars and found these perfectly matching blue buttons!

IMG_0730 (1)

I was lucky enough to get out of the house and wear my new refashion! The hubby and I attended a spaghetti dinner benefit that was put together by our dear friend Karl for one of his close friends 🙂 The benefit was a smash hit! We both were so proud to have been invited to give our support!


After showing our support we stopped off for a drink before heading on home! At this time it was snowing outside but since we stopped at a summer themed island brewery we pretended it was summer!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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