Pajama Pants Refash Part: 1

Hi everyone! I know it’s been awhile since my last post but I hope everyone has been enjoying 2018 so far! I have started 2018 by cleaning house. I have been busy mending previous projects and mending things for family, friends and co-workers. So, I have been busy with the less fun or creative side of being a seamstress.

Today I have a refash that started out as a pair of my husbands old pajama pants. Santa brought my hubby a bunch of brand new jammie pants which was good for me because I inherited the old ones! This is a 1 of 2 refash so stay tuned for part 2!

DSCN1456First up! Plaid jammies!

These jammies have been retired as nighttime wear and will not be refashioned into a warm cozy scarf!

DSCN1458First I folded the pants in half lengthwise. Then I began by cutting the top of the pants off.

DSCN1459I cut off the original bottom hem and trimmed off more of the top. This left me with 4 rectangles.

DSCN1460I had to use my yard stick to makes sure my panels were straight. Which they weren’t so the needed a little more trimming.

DSCN1461There they are! My 4 straight rectangles.

DSCN1462I placed each panel outsides together. Then stitched up 1 end with a zig-zag stitch. Once both sets of 2 were stitched at one end, I then stitched the panels together to make the 4 panels one long piece.

DSCN1463Once all 4 panels were attached I started on sewing the sides.

DSCN1465Once my side seams were done I laid out the piece (outsides together) and made one last stitch to combine and make it a circle. Once that was done my infinity scarf was complete!

This project took me a total of an hour. I would say that was pretty fast seeing as I had to stop every now and then to take pictures!



Happy Refashioning!!!


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