Pajama Pants Refash Part: 2

Hi Readers! I know you have been in suspense since my last post! Since you have waited so patiently here is the 2nd part of the pajama pants refash 🙂 It may be hard to see in this picture but these are wildlife themed jammies! They were so cute I just couldn't "bear" LOL to… Continue reading Pajama Pants Refash Part: 2

Pajama Pants Refash Part: 1

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile since my last post but I hope everyone has been enjoying 2018 so far! I have started 2018 by cleaning house. I have been busy mending previous projects and mending things for family, friends and co-workers. So, I have been busy with the less fun or creative side of… Continue reading Pajama Pants Refash Part: 1

B&W New Years Eve Dress

Happy 2018 readers! This makes me super excited to start year 3 of TheRefashStash! I am really into this velvet theme right now! I think it is such a beautiful fabric for winter formal wear. I had this dress in my stash for awhile now, but it's not like I could wear it when our… Continue reading B&W New Years Eve Dress