Divided Beach Bag with Chap-stick Koozie

Hi readers! This is crazy to say but this will be my last post of 2017! Wow!

Last year during Refashion Runway Season 4 I had made a divider bag to use at the beach. My mom had loved my bag so much she kept asking me to make one for her. This year I was happy to make her one and give it to her for Christmas!


For my bag I had used a thrifted bag and a reusable wine tote from my local grocery store. It was very handy to carry around magazines, sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses and other beach essentials.

DSCN1417For my mom’s bag I found some plain canvas bags at JoAnn Fabrics.

DSCN1420I decided on embroidering an anchor design on the front of the canvas bag.

I turned the bag inside out and placed the fabric in my embroidery hoop.



I rotated my embroidery design so that it would show the right way up on the bag.

DSCN1418For the inside divider part I used this reusable wine tote from my local grocery store. I liked this one because it was tan like the canvas bag.

DSCN1419I cut off the handles from the wine tote.


I hot glued the wine tote inside of the canvas bag once my machine finished embroidering,

For the Chapstick Holder:


I found this anchor material in a fat quarter, which was perfect for this project. I was lucky enough to have the metal ring in my supplies. I started by cutting 2 2X7 inch pieces.

DSCN1429I cut a 2 inch piece of white ribbon and sewed that to the top of the wrong side of the fabric. I sewed it pointing towards the bottom so that when I turned this right side out it would be facing out on the top.

DSCN1431I stitched up the sides and left the bottom open. Flipped that right side out and sewed up the hole at the bottom.

DSCN1432I folded the bottom up and stitched the sides to make the pocket for the chapstick.

DSCN1433I completed this by attaching the ring to the ribbon on the top.


The completed inside! All ready to go to the beach!


A complete bag with divider and chapstick koozie! My mom was so surprised and loves it!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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